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A&A Custom Auto Upholstery is a Family Owned and Operated business with over 25 years of experience in the Restoration and Upholstery business. We have a MOTTO are very proud to print on our business cards:

When Reputation Is Everything, You Give 110%

Our Mission Statement, we know is very odd but you will come to know its meaning when you have your FIRST job completed by us. You will instantly get that "overwhelmed" sensation of A&A Custom Auto Upholstery Mission Statement of:


Satisfied Customers are our best advertisers and A&A strive to give every Customer that "LIVE AND DIRECT RESULTS" of feelings and emotions. So if you have a car, boat, or furniture that requires restoring please give us a call or stop by for a FREE estimate.  A&A also conduct "at location site" estimates for a nominal fee of $50, which will be returned to you when the job is completed.

       We value your opinion and encourage you to let us know how we are doing!



When you are faced with the decision to restore or replace, consider this: A&A has a reputation to uphold. When we say we strive to give a Customer that "overwhelmed" sensation of feelings and emotion we mean just that.

A&A has restored cars and motorcycles that have entered competitions and PLACED or WON in their category or division (a couple of these photos are posted in our office). A&A will give your vehicle, boat, motorcycle or furniture that "just like new" look. You will be amazed! We challenge you to find someone that will do a better job than US!

A&A will make an effort to post as many Customer reviews as possible.



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